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Добро пожаловать на фестиваль «Святочные встречи»!

Международный фестиваль психотерапии и практической психологии «Святочные встречи» проходит ежегодно 8-12 января на юге России.

Содержание Фестиваля составляют различные формы профессионального взаимодействия (творческие мастерские, дискуссионные группы, семинары, супервизии, большие группы, собрания сообщества и др.) между специалистами в области обслуживания психического здоровья населения, а также различные формы презентации профессиональной деятельности.

Мы предлагаем вам привезти на фестиваль «Святочные встречи» свой уникальный профессиональный опыт, свои размышления, своих новых коллег и знакомых. От всех нас будет зависеть, станет ли программа очередных «Святок» насыщенной и интересной.

23nd International Festival of Psychotherapy and Practical Psychology
From Two to Three




Sviatky review

What’s our life? – A game!

Olympic, hungry, role, gambling – this is all about games that people play. I believe we could have a look at Sviatky seeing it as a game that we have been playing for 23 years already. Or is it “for 23 years only”? The Sviatky game, or games if that is more to your taste, is, as I see it, a view on a unique space where anyone will find something of interest. Rookie-psychologists and psychotherapists have a chance to observe the way the community lives standing just like lookers-on, get to know various sports (I mean psychological models) and choose the one to try their capacity. For seasoned players this is a chance to “show themselves and to see others”, experiment and prevent professional burn-out. Even those who are not in the game (attending persons, family members, friends, children) will always have a place to stir their interest.

This year the venue was just perfect for the games. So perfect that Alexander Danilov (the Organizing Manager) was awarded the title of the Christmas-Tide Scumbag. The thing was that he never left anyone a single to enjoy their traditional hobby – telling off the organizers. The hotel was new, the staff – impeccable, and even the tough security got involved and opened up about his feelings.

Experienced players know how to distribute their energy the right when at Sviatky. This takes a proper warming-up, with no rushing in. Once the first meeting and opening are over (these were arranged as a good warming-up), the true scale of the games came into the light – Russia and the US, Latvia and Norway, Belarus and Ukraine – the word INTERNATIONAL used to title the Festival and subject to so much of mockers, proved to be right here.

The styles preferred by the Sviatky players are diverse. Our colleague Vladimir Romek, for instance, delivered a brilliant workshop (Psychoanalysis & Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy), after which he graciously retired to his room and then only made the people happy with his several equally brilliant outings. The American guest, Ivan Korolevsky, would come to the morning circle each day where the leaders announced their activities-to-come, listened to them carefully, after which he disappeared again. Later on it turned out that he spent his entire energy to rehearse his performance and to make a carnival costume. I, personally, like the style that was once given a perfect name – Christmas-Tide Horse – to be everywhere, always, and join every event, best if as the leader.

This, of course, would be not the best option for beginners. Our colleague from Moscow, Alexey Orlov, must have realized immediately that he would not be able to survive through the entire Festival so he concentrated on the first two days only – he demonstrated enormous work done by a psychoanalyst, got his share of applause and the prize of the Virtuoso of Practice, after which he got back to his clients. When talking to Alexey in private, he said he was not smart enough when took Sviatky in too rational a way and could not stay till the end of the games.

As far as I am concerned, one of the most impressive points at the latest Sviatky was the first key-note discussion WORK IN THE MOTHER-CHILD PAIR. The way it was arranged and delivered is a perfect sample for me that makes feel proud. Lyudmila Tupitsa, a psychologist of the Mikhailovsk Psychological Centre presented her work with an autistic child. The Centre arranged for the mother and the child to come to Sviatky where under the mother’s consent the participants could get a counseling session delivered by Silvija Lejniece (Riga, Latvia). In some surprising way we all got involved in the activity that was going on there. It looked that Silvija was just talking to the mother while the kid was running around by a psychologist from the Centre playing with toys. However, this game did not just reveal Silvija’s level of skill yet also offered a chance to feel part of a team that works with such severe cases. Vladimir Romek gave his inevitably brilliant comment and also gave the child’s mother a book on autism, and the comment was part of the work that was done by all of us, even by those who uttered no word through the discussion. I am sure this work proved a good piece of support for the psychologists employed in the Centre.

Being still under impression after the key-note discussion I changed my mind and did not go on a tour around the Village. Before we have a chance to use clones at Svitaky we will have to choose one action only. This entails some danger – traumatizing yourself by not going to a place that you have never visited before or traumatize the one you have not visited, just by not visiting them. The organizers of the games have been thinking long over the trauma inherent in the games. And one of the ways to resolve is the Sviatky tell-tales where everyone can heal the wounds, express what they want and ask questions about what they want.

And I never was sorry about my move. When I attended Silvija’s seminar on child analysis I could see once again that it is important to know all about children, for everyone, even those who do not work with children. The game that Silvija used in her work has become an image that is helping now through writing this review alone. This image has already joined what is called clinical thinking. The fact that Silvija got a professional prize came as no surprise, and everyone was anxious she could collect all the professional prizes. So Master of Feelings was just a tiny expression of admiration that her work stirred.

The rules of the game this year were outlined by the theme itself – From Two to Three. The pair of Mother – Child – the theme announced at the first key-note discussion, went on in the second speech by Sergey Peshkov PASS TO… . Sergey’s style of playing is a bright one, with lots to imagine – an example of psychoanalysis with a human face. Complex psychoanalytical constructs related to the pass to a search for the truth, oneself, initiation, maturing. Sergey’s explanation was simple and easy to grasp through the visual examples that went immediately into the discussion started by the participants. In my head, this speech resonates with seeing Sviatky as a transitional area where you can play with meanings, words, feelings, knowledge, doing all this in a space protected with comprehensible frame and rules.

One of the most difficult games at Sviatky is the large group. For those experienced this is one of the best activities. It is an open secret that at the large group you can speak about anything but this time it was more about what you could stay silent about. This might be partly due to a high level of trust and safety ensured. Relationships with the authorities, an opportunity for free self-expression, meeting new cultures, both human and psychotherapeutic – these themes were quite clearly cut and meaningful to me at the large group. After a big break, Andrey Grigorov was once again the leader here, and one of those who won the contest of WE MISS YOU. This contest was organized by the Sviatky foundation, thanks to which we could offer support to those willing to join the games.

Dialogue of cultures, too, became one of the major themes for the key-note discussion PATIENT, SPECIALIST, THE WORLD AROUND. The speaker, Anne Lise Øxnevad, a psychiatric nurse of Stavanger, Norway is an experienced specialist in arranging psychiatric activities not on Norway alone yet also in Russia, China and Africa. She shared her experience and impressions from working in other places. Given that this time there more participants employed in psychiatry, Anne Lise’s speech was especially relevant and stirred a lot of interest and questions, which mostly focused on the way the world around affects our work.

Anne Lise has visited our place more than a few times and is one of the organizers of multifamily work in Stavropol. Several experts working in psychiatry came to Sviatky just to attend her seminar and supervision. And there can be stars not in football only – Anne Lise became the Soul of Sviatky and won the prize funded by the Fund of Sviatky. And she proudly accepted the prize, which makes us proud of our national currency.

The evening programme is not just another entertaining event but is a game in its own way, a festival in a festival. Football at Sviatky is a special football, too. What we had had before was something not everyone could ever imagine – we played football in the hotel cafes and in rooms with mirror walls. And the teams are a special treat – men and women mixed! Women did take part in football before but this time something special happened. The Psychodynamic Elks had among them Oksana Tatarenko – the ex-leader of SRPA. YOU can ask her how she felt running among a bunch of crazy men. We can only make guesses about that because when we were leading 2-1 Oksana played as if he she were playing volleyball and that resulted in a penalty and the goalkeeper Denis Sevryugin (he, by the way, was Oksana’s deputy) was a hero! He saved the goal and the Sviatky Cup along, too. Oksana then deserved her prize – the Healthiest Person, also because she managed to depict all the moves in a mime.

The Skit party was good, indeed, and it would take a special account. There were numerous performances but I will only mention those that proved my favourite. And that was a quartet of Anna Chernigova, Tatiana Dudnikova, Irina Savran and Svetlana Logvinenko. And that was a dance to never forget. It looked like the girls were also singing something but I may be mistaken. A game may carry us away sometimes, sometimes way too far. Much of what was shown at the party has gone out and can be seen now in the vast cyberspace, making even more people happy.

As the rules of the game state, the prizes were awarded at the Farewell party and a phrase from Alice in Wonderland got stuck in my mind – Everyone will get a prize. I believe all the participants deserved their prizes, and all got them, this way or another, and this is what can be called a specific about these games of the beautiful mind. The results of the Svitaky games are available in a detailed report by the Jury (well done, Natalia Popova, as usual well done!) http://www.sviatky.ru/istoriya/svyatochnye-vstrechi-2017/859-otchetrabotyguri2017.html.

Discussion of the results was held recently in Stavropol and there were many ideas announced. Some felt sorry that all the beautiful work could be seen by a limited circle of people only. However, the keynote speeches were filmed so all those willing to watch are welcome. The Festival may change its name next year. But anyway, the game is on, it’s moving and growing. And I would recommend the organizers of the World Cup, which is to be held in our country, ask our Festival Director concerning how to make the whole game better.

Sergey Ivanov
Genius of Enlightenment–2017

P.S Thanks and apologies: lots of thanks and apologies to all those whom I failed to mention in here.

The 23rd International Festival of Psychotherapy and Practical Psychology
Time: Jan 8-12, 2017
Venue: Business Hotel MASK Inozemtsevo
Participants: total number 76
Major programme: 52
Child programme: 5
Attending persons: 1
Seminar participants: 9
Guests: 9

Geographic coverage
16 places, 6 countries (Belarus, Latvia, Norway, Russia, USA, Ukraine)

Belarus (1)
1) Elena Znilinskaya

Latvia (1)
1) Silvija Lejniece

1) Anne Lise Øxnevad
Russia (47)
1) Svetlana Logvinenko
1) Irina Savran
1) Zhanna Kuts
2) Olga Plotnikova
3) Dmitry Yurchenko
1) Andrey Grigorov
2) Oksamna Grigorova
1) Svetlana Vedernikova
2) Nina Ivanova

1) Vitalia Berezueva
2) Alexey Koryoukin
3) Elena Koryoukina
4) Yana Rudneva
5) Ksenia Simonenko
1) Lada Malysheva
2) Alexey Orlov
3) Anna Chernigova
1) Tatiana Alekseenko
1) Vladimir Romek
St. Petersburg
1) Maria Kizilova
2) Maria Petrunina
1) Vladislav Babayants
2) Marina Babayants
3) Margarita Bogatyrova
4) Lyudmila Bratsykhina
5) Anastasia Vasilenko
6) Anna Vetlitskaya
7) Alexander Danilov
8) Anna Dashevskaya
9) Tatiana Dudnikova
10) Sabina Zamanova
11) Sergey Ivanov
12) Elena Kalinina
13) Tatiana Kireeva
14) Anastasia Korobko
15) Maria Kuzmina
16) Marina Lagoshina
17) Galina Moskotinina
18) Sergey Peshkov
19) Natalia Popova
20) Denis Sevryugin
21) Vladimir Sleptsov
22) Oksana Tatarenko
23) Alexey Tochka
24) Lyudmila Tupitsa
25) Anastasia Khafizova
26) Marina Chmykhova

USA (1)
Mountain View
1) Ivan Korolevsky

1) Igor Vinov

The following events were part of the professional program
• 3 key-note discussions
Work in pair MOTHER-CHILD
Specialists: Lyudmila Tupitsa (Stavropol, Russia), Ksenia Simonenko (Stavropol, Russia)
Experts: Silvija Lejniece (Riga, Latvia), Vladimir Romek (Rostov-on-Don, Russia)
Moderator: Alexey Koryoukin (Mikhailovsk, Russia)

Speaker: Sergey Peshkov (Stavropol, Russia)
Moderator: Sergey Ivanov (Stavropol, Russia)

Speaker: Anne Lise Øxnevad (Stavanger, Norway)
Moderator: Denis Sevryugin (Stavropol, Russia)

• Warming up
LeaderL Akexey Koryoukin (Mikhailovsk)

• Opening
Leaders: Elena Koryoukina (Mikhailovsk), Natalia Popova (Stavropol)

• 4 morning circles
Leader: Yana Rudneva (Mikhailovsk)
• 3 large groups
Leader: Andrey Grigorov (Moscow)

• 1 Academy Meeting. Chair: Anna Vetlitskaya (Stavropol)
Secretary: Natalia Popova (Stavropol)

• 4 meetings at each of the 7 tell-tales. Leaders: Tatyana Alekseenko (Nevinnomyssk), Alexey Koryoukin (Mikhailovsk), Marina Lagoshina, Galina Moskotinina, Natalia Popova (special tell-tales place for the Jury), Oksana Tatarenko (all – Stavropol)
• 3 meetings of the Professional Club (indicated chronologically):
Marina Lagoshina, Lyudmila Tupitsa (Stavropol, Russia)

Alexey Koryoukin (Mikhailovsk, Russia)

Vitalia Berezueva (Stavropol, Russia)

• 7 blocks of the Symposium - Seminar section (indicated chronologically):
Alexey Orlov (Moscow, Russia)

Vladimir Romek (Rostov-on-Don, Russia)

Seminar on child psychoanalysis based on a clinical case
Silvija Lejniece (Riga, Latvia)

Svetlana Logvinenko (Aramil, Russia)

Discussion of schizophrenia case from view of analytical psychology; speech with elements of interactive relationships ANALYSIS OF A SCHIZOPHRENIA CASE: FROM ARCHETYPE OF A QUEEN TO THE ARCHETYPE OF A TRANSIENT. FROM TWO TO THREE: PSYCHOTHERAPIST’S INVOLVEMENT IN THE INTEGRATION OF SHADOW
Irina Savran (Yekaterinburg, Russia)

Anastasia Vasilenko, Denis Sevrygin (Stavropol, Russia)

Elena Zhilinskaya (Minsk, Belarus)

• A special parallel was devoted to seminars on multifamily therapy

2 special seminars on multifamily therapy
Leaders: Sergey Ivanov and Denis Sevryugin (both – Stavropol)
Anne Lise Øxnevad (Stavanger, Norway)

• 6 workshops (follow chronologically):

Dead Father
Leader: Igor Vinov (Kiev, Ukraine)

Real relationships or What Happens After…
Leader: Anna Chernigova (Moscow, Russia)

Movie session & discussion WHEN ONE IS NOT ONE TOO MANY
Leader: Lada Malysheva (Moscow, Russia)

Nina Ivanova (Krasnodar, Russia)
Sergey Ivanov (Stavropol, Russia)

Workshop 23 & 32 –NON-FEMALE TRAINING
Elena Kalinina (Stavropol, Russia)

The Body and The Man
Leader: Olga Plotnikova (Inozemtsevp, Russia)

Academy (underlined are those who attended the Festival in person and joined the selection of the winners in the professional nominations)

Academy (as of 13/01/2017)
Honorary Masters (Constant Members)
1. Nina Golosova (Moscow, Russia)
2. Alexey Koryoukin (Mikhailovsk, Russia)
3. Ekaterina Loskutova (Stavropl, Russia)
4. Brian Martindale (Newcastly, Great Britain)
5. Anne Lise Øxnevad (Stavanger, Norway)
6. Sergey Peshkov (Stavropol, Russia)
7. Vladimir Romek (Rostov-on-Don, Russia)
8. Andrey Sklizkov (St. Petersburg, Russia)
9. Maria Timofeeva (Moscow, Russia)
10. Svein Haugsgjerd (Oslo, Norway)
11. Daniil Khlomov (Moscow, Russia)
12. Vladimir Tsapov (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Masters (Constant Members)
1. Tatyana Alekseenko (Nevinnomyssk, Russia)
2. Alisa Achina (Rostov-on-Don, Russia)
3. Vitalia Berezueva (Mikhailovsk, Russia)
4. Konstantin Vdovydchenko (Inozemtsevo, Russia)
5. Anna Vetlitskaya (Stavropol, Russia)
6. Andrey Grigorov (Moscow, Russia)
7. Elena Dzhola (Novocherkassk, Russia)
8. Graziano di Giorgio (Brecia, Italy)
9. Valentina Dobrolyubova (Moscow, Russia)
10. Vyacheslav Dorodeiko (Vitebsk, Belarus)
11. Oksana Dusar (Stavropol, Russia)
12. Antia Zachs (Potsdam, Germany)
13. Natalia Zyiagintseva (Stavropol, Russia)
14. Elena Zubtsova (Zheleznovodsk, Russia)
15. Sergey Ivanov (Stavropol, Russia)
16. Evgenia Kazantseva (Stavropol, Russia)
17. Marina Kovalenko (Stavropol, Russia)
18. Irina Kondratenko (Donskoe, Russia)
19. Ksenya Korbut (Moscow, Russia)
20. Ivan Korolevsky (Mountain View, USA)
21. Elena Koryoukina (Mikhailovsk, Russia)
22. Alexander Kudryavitsky (Moscow, Russia)
23. Evgenia Kuptsova (Stavropol, Russia)
24. Marina Lagoshina (Stavropol, Russia)
25. Silvija Lejniece (Riga, Latvia)
26. Elena Lopatina (Stavropol, Russia)
27. Galina Moskotinina (Stavropol, Russia)
28. Alexey Orlov (Moscow, Russia)
29. Sergey Popov (Minsk, Belarus)
30. Natalia Popova (Stavropol, Russia)
31. Ilona Romanova (Yekaterinburg, Russia)
32. Denis Sevryugin (Stavropol, Russia)
33. Anna Sevryugina (Stavropol, Russia)
34. Dmitry Skripnikov (Moscow, Russia)
35. Evgenia Toporova (St. Petersburg, Russia)
36. Lyudmila Udodova (Stavropol, Russia)
37. Elena Ulybina (Moscow, Russia)
38. Alexander Uskov (Moscow, Russia)
39. Svetlana Chernova (Gladkova) (Stavropol, Russia)
40. Marina Chmykhova (Stavropol, Russia)
41. Alexander Shilkin (Stavropol, Russia)
42. Marina Scherbakova (Isaeva) (Stavropol, Russia)
43. Dmitry Yurchenko (Inozemtsevo, Russia)

Academicians - 2016-17 (until Dec 1, 2017)
1. Vladislav Babayants (Stavropol, Russia)
2. Anastasia Vasilenko (Stavropol, Russia)
3. Igor Vinov (Kiev, Ukraine)
4. Elena Zhilinskaya (Minsk, Belarus)
5. Nina Ivanova (Krasnodar, Russia)
6. Elena Kalinina (Stavropol, Russia)
7. Maria Kizilova (St. Petersburg, Russia)
8. Svetlana Logvinenko (Aramil, Russia)
9. Lada Malysheva (Moscow, Russia)
10. Irina Savran (Yekaterinburg, Russia)
11. Oksana Tatarenko (Stavropol, Russia)
12. Lyudmila Tupitsa (Stavropol, Russia)
13. Anna Chernigova (Stavropol, Russia)

Total number of Academy members (13/01/2017) 68 of which 31 personally attended.

Winners in nominations (professional nominations & respective winners are highlighted in bold print)

• Virtuoso of Practice – Gerd-Ragna Bloch Thorsen Prize: Alexey Orlov (Moscow, Russia)
• Genius of Enlightenment: Sergey Ivanov (Stavropl, Russia)
• Master of Feelings: Silvija Lejniece (Riga, Latvia)
• Soul of Sviatky: Anne Lise Øxnevad (Stavanger, Norway)
• Discovery of Sviatky: Elena Zhilinskaya (MInsk, Belarus)
• Client of Sviatky: Anastasia Vasilenko (Stavropol, Russia)
• Richest Person: Lada Malysheva (Moscow Russia)
• Healthiest Person: Oksana Tatarenko (Stavropol, Russia)
• Sviatky Scumbag: Alexander Danilov (Stavropol, Russia)
• One of Sviatky (She): Margarita Bogatyrova (Stavropol, Russia)
• One of Sviatky (He): Alexey Koryoukin (Mikhailovsk, Russia)

Special Prizes
• Prize of Board of Founders – the group (and its authors) that performed at the skit party a song soon to be called the new Sviatky anthem
• Mark of Directors – Svetlana Logvinenko (Aramil, Russia) and Irina Savran (Yekaterinburg, Russia)
• Special Prize from Board of Directors was awarded to the organization that made a significant professional contribution in the development of the Festival – Mikhailovsk {Psychological Centre
• Mark of Jury – leaders of Child Programme – Maria Kizilova (St. Petersburg, Russia) and Lyudmila Bratsykhina (Stavropol, Russia)
• Mark of Sviatky Foundation – Мargarita Bogatyrova (Stavropol, Russia).
• Child Mark – leaders of Child Programme – Maria Kizilova (St. Petersburg, Russia) and Lyudmila Bratsykhina (Stavropol, Russia)
• For assistance in seeing and using each chance offered by life (joint picture made by children) – Galina Moskotinina (Stavropol, Russia).
• For assistance in realizing one's own desires and aims (Golden Chicken) – Мargarita Bogatyrova (Stavropol, Russia).
• For openness and warmth of heart (Child Reflexive Candle) – Vladimir Romek (Rostov-on-Don, Russia)
• Christmas-Tide Teapot (Prize from Konstantin Vdovydchenko and Natalia Doroshenko) – Sabina Zamanova (Stavropol, Russia)

Anna Vetlitskaya (Stavropol, Russia) – Chairperson of Jury and Academy
Anna Dashevskaya (Stavropol, Russia)
Ivan Korolevsky (Mountain View, USA)
Anne Lise Øxnevad (Stavanger, Norway)
Dmitry Yurchenko (Inozemtsevo, Russia).

Large groups were held before dinner and were 1.5 hours long. Tell-tales were held after dinner

Evening program
Organized and arranged by Мargarita Bogatyrova, Anna Vetlitskaya, Alexander Danilov, Anna Dashevskaya, Sergey Ivanov, Maria Kizilova, Alexey Koryoukin, Vladimir Sleptsov as well as all the participants who delivered performances for the Skit Party and prepared fancy costumes for the Carnival.
The following events were held within the evening program: Welcome Cocktail; Football match (Psychodynamic Elks – 2-1 – Colonists-Columnists; Movie session & discussion (film 0 Awakening); Meditation; Skit Party; David Bowe commemoration night; Farewell Party-Carnival.

Prizes and gifts created by Svetlana Bratsykhina (major prizes, signs for Academy members, marks, prize for the auction), Ella Shuldyakova (Directors Mark), and Zinaida Mikhalkova (calendars).

Child Sviatky – From The Simple to The Complex
Number of participants – 5 adolescents aged 7-14
1. Leonid Vasilenko – 7 years old, Stavropol, Russia
2. Vera Vasilenko – 11 years old, Stavropol, Russia
3. Alla Ivanova -12 years old, Krasnodar, Russia
4. Valeria Ganus – 13 years old, Stavropol, Russia
5. Ruslan Ivanov – 14 years old, Krasnodar, Russia

This year two psychologists (Maria Kizilova of St. Petersburg and Lyudmila Bratsykhina of Stavropol) were the organizers and the major leaders of the Child Programme.
The following workshops were arranged for the younger participants
• How to negotiate with others?; leader – Alexander Danilov
• Do what you love; leader – marina Bogatyrova
• Yoga; leader – Anastasia Vasilenko
• Intuition; leader – Olga Plotnikova
• Kingdom; leader – Galina Moskotinina
• Experiments; leader – Maria Kizilova
• Training for Robin the Hoods; leader – Konstantin Vdovydchenko
• Rooster; Magic Ball; leader – Lyudmila Bratsykhina
• Hello, how are you?; leaders – Vladislav Babayants and Anne Lise Øxnevad
• Creative ideas of what is facilitation; leaders – Maria Kizilova and Lyudmila Bratsykhina
• Press-Conference with festival Director Alexey Koryoukin
• Pottery; leader – Anastasia Khafizova
• Playing workshop, leader – Maria Kizilova

Stavropol Regional Psychoanalytical Association (SRPA)
Mental Health Service Agency ProPsy

Sviatky Foundation

Board of Founders
Alexey Koryokin
Elena Koryokina
Sergey Peshkov
Elena Ulybina
Marina Chmykhova

Sergey Ivanov – SRPA representative
Alexey Koryoukin – Director
Elena Koryoukina – representative of Board of Founders
Natalia Popova – Academy Secretary
Ilona Romanova – representative of Academy
Denis Sevryugin – representative of ProPsy

Programme Committee
Anastasia Vasilenko
Anna Vetlitskaya
Alexander Danilov
Sergey Ivanov
Elena Kalinina
Alexey Koryoukin
Elena Koryoukina
Anastasia Kudryashova
Galina Moskotinina
Olga Nikabadze
Sergey Peshkov
Natalia Popova
Denis Sevryugin
Vladimir Sleptsov
Natalia Tormosina
Anna Chernigova
Marina Chmykhova

Organising Committee
Vladislav Babayants – translator
Margarita Bogatyrova – Evening programme organizer
Lyudmila Bratsykhina – co-leader of Child Programme
Svetlana Bratsykhina – author of prizes
Alexander Danilov – organizational manager
Maria Kizilova – organizer & leader of Child Programme
Ivan Korolevsky – website administrator
Zinaida Mikhalkova – designer
Yana Rudneva – Managing Secretary
Vladimir Sleptsov – local administrator
Anastasia Khafizova – video- & photo-correspondent

Director Alexey Koryoukin

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