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Добро пожаловать на фестиваль «Святочные встречи»!

Международный фестиваль психотерапии и практической психологии «Святочные встречи» проходит ежегодно 8-12 января на юге России.

Содержание Фестиваля составляют различные формы профессионального взаимодействия (творческие мастерские, дискуссионные группы, семинары, супервизии, большие группы, собрания сообщества и др.) между специалистами в области обслуживания психического здоровья населения, а также различные формы презентации профессиональной деятельности.

Мы предлагаем вам привезти на фестиваль «Святочные встречи» свой уникальный профессиональный опыт, свои размышления, своих новых коллег и знакомых. От всех нас будет зависеть, станет ли программа очередных «Святок» насыщенной и интересной.

19th International Festival of Psychotherapy and Practical Psychology




In an intellectual show in Russia they gave a piece of advice to the players: If you do not know what to say then say Pushkin.

So, here comes Pushkin:


This is the beginning of the poem Village. Why did I choose this while talking about Sviatky? Just because I loved the metaphor that came into being at one of the Directors’ meeting after Sviatky: SVIATKY IS LIKE A PSYCHOTHERAPEUTIC VILLAGE. And many loved the image. The economic forum in the Swiss village of Davos comes to mind, where hot-shot guys discuss key economic issues in an informal setting. Davos is a place to establish new contacts and have informal meetings. There also are professional or interest groups. Another similarity it has with Sviatky is that the Forum lives on the fees paid by the participants, and they come together, different groups of them, to this small resort area.
Another association is a village created by the Serbian director Emir Kusturica – Drvengrad and his International Cinema Festival Kusturdorf. The major thing that makes this festival different from any other is that it is deliberately non-profit. Kusturica believes that it will become a meeting place for famous directors and their young colleagues, and the creative dialogue between generations will always be maintained through the informal atmosphere in this ethnic village.
And our psychotherapeutic village once again, for the 19th time met people to discuss, in an informal setting, relevant issues of psychology, psychiatry, psychotherapy, and to have “necktie off” meetings, to establish a creative dialogue between generations, as well as just to have some personal meetings in a creative atmosphere.
So, what has been done, and what has not?
The Right and The Left. The theme proposed by the Founders gave raise to many doubts at first – would that stir any interest in professionals? … The initial associations – the left and the right hemispheres, and the left and right movements in politics – did not seem to reflect the urgent issues facing psy-practitioners and too much narrowed the potentially discussable questions. But this seemed just at first. The really important in our profession themes, such as choice, rules, management, minority opinion, integration, acceptance, tolerance … they are extremely tightly interconnected with the theme of the right and the left. As a result – an interesting and diverse contest programme full of workshops and really good winners. Congratulations to Sergey Ivanov (Stavropol, Russia), Brian Martindale (Newcastle, Great Britain), and Vladimir Romek (Rostov-on-Don, Russia) who won, through majority of the votes of the Academy their respective titles – Virtuoso of Practice, Genius of Enlightenment, and Master of Feelings.
How did the theme sound in the key-note discussions? What was the general picture of the professional talk? The idea of establishing three discussion arenas – Right or Left, Neither Right Nor Left, Both Right and Left – was meant to collect general human responses and professional positions in three different stories.
The firs story shocked the whole world just recently and was a challenge to any sensitive human being. Christin Bjelland shared her experience of going through the terror act in Norway, where she was a representative for the parent group whose children suffered or were killed on the island during Brejvik’s attack. Such challenges can not be accustomed or adjusted to. However, there is always something to learn from those who managed to survive. It is a pity the time was too short, yet the evening meetings came in handy where everyone could safely splash out their right or left feelings.
The Jury awarded Christine the prize Christmas-tide mark.
A second story is a story of an autistic child, a little human being who needs support not to tell which is right and which is left (this would be too much of a task so far) but to better adjust in this world, which is too complicated for this little thing.
Thanks to Marina Lagoshina and Lyudmila Tupitsa for an interesting vignette at this integrative supervision.
A third discussion THE RIGHT AND THE LEFT was about neutrality and professional ethics. And of course here we would not do without left and right stories. Professionals here shared their experience of resolving ethical issues while the audience was actively involved into the discussion of some situations where both psychotherapists and their clients may find themselves.
The leaders of the discussions – Sergey Ivanov and Alexey Koryoukin tried to join all the themes into one talk about various sides of our profession, and I believe those who attended all the three places could enjoy that.
The theme of the Festival was also touched at the Large Group, which is a special place where the participants’ moods come together and turn into a freely flowing veil of talks. The dynamics and the content was due to the experiment undertaken by the organisers as this time the Large Group was led by two (!) women from among newcomers (!) at the Festival. However their training and experience turned the alarming exclamation signs into thinking. The rules (quite right, right?) at the Large Group and their violation became the talk of the Festival, and the leaders – Valentina Okonova and Nadezhda Torokova won the prize of the Discovery of Sviatky for Bright & Creative Order Imposed by Iron Hands.
By the way, now about the warming-up, which Alexey Koryoukin traditionally held on Day 1. To get to know one another we walked right and left and made groups. The peak of that movement was an instruction to decide if you are left or right, and then to choose a part of the body to be associated with: an eye, an ear or a hand. The result went beyond any imagination: the community of psychologists and psychotherapists had a lion’s share of hands but there were no ears, actually. Then all the organs made some non-verbal (there was no mouth) predictions. Finally, both the rights and the lefts were warmed up happily.
However, it was not so warm at every event. Sometimes neither the warm atmosphere nor the hot discussions were of any help. The rooms were quite chilly because of cold weather outside. Some tried to escape through falling into anabiosis while others preferred staying in the room of warming in the sun. In short not everyone got to the main events and some of the workshops did not enjoy audience.
However, one room was much warmer than the others and this room was turned into a new type of activity – CLUB. This is the only place at the Festival where you could enter or leave at any time of the event and drink tea or coffee freely there. This club was established not for experiments not for experience exchange but for open talks (or common activity) representing the interests of some people – Masters of Sviatky. There was, and I think will be again, a lot of argument around this new thing. Some liked the club while some others saw no difference from a traditional workshop. Many were disappointed as the club leaders did not join the major programme as they would like to give them a prize. But these leaders already were recognized in the Sviatky circles, weren’t they? Or may be there is never too much of fame?
At one of such club meetings there was a special event for the entire Russian psychotherapeutic community. Alexey Koryoukin (he was later announced the Soul of Sviatky) presented the sphere of interest – psychotherapeutic and social approaches to treating schizophrenia and other psychoses. And the club invited the ISPS leader – Brian Martindale, as well as everyone interested I establishing a similar Russian organisation. The result was the establishment of the ISPS RU, and Sergey Babin from St. Petersburg, Russia, was elected its leader.
Sergey also became the Healthiest Person, and this title will give him a chance to be part of the Jury until the next year. And since he is coming to the next festival then he just must bring along his group-mates from the ISPS, but I may be running ahead too much here.
New is good and there is no development without the new. However, just like in any other village traditions are respected. The traditional community meetings (one – in the beginning and another – in the end of the Festival) were led by the members of the Directorate – Marina Chmykhova and Sergey Ivanov. While the first meeting was to not only introduce the participants to one another but also to present their professional communities the other meeting gave them a chance to tell about the way they had covered together at the festival, draw some results, express their comment or praise to the organisers, and plan the next Sviatky. Besides the first steps were already done at the first Academy meeting – the Chair of the Academy and the Jury was elected for the 20th Festival. We are happy to congratulate Nina Ivanova from Pyatigorsk, Russia, who took the baton from Ilona Romanova who was the Academy and Jury Chair this year. The point is that Dmitry Skripnikov elected initially refused to come at the last moment and Ilona had to come to rescue, for which we are really thankful to her!
At the Academy meeting already the theme for the next Festival was discussed. The results of the brain storm were further given to the Founders for final decision.
I have already mentioned the Tell-tales yet I will dwell on them once again to mention their importance. The fast tempo, emotional saturation, informational overload – all this requires a place for stability and calmness, and the Tell-tales here are such a place. Here you could learn about what you missed and share your own impressions from what you have seen, and just let out the steam.
The Jury had a separate Tell-tale as well. Each day the five people came together to decide on certain nominations. They discussed who should be the best Client, the Scum-bag, and the Discovery, and that was no easy task. And once again we witnessed just perfect job done by the Jury – all the names of the winners were served with brilliant explanations demonstrating how much the Jury were into the whole context.
All the winners were awarded great prizes from our colleague Galina Moskotinina. Her initial background is painting and despite her long psychoanalytical practice she can still create not only by the work but also by the brush. The stylish neckties with intricate lines showing some invisible directions made the prizes this year. The winners of the professional nominations received beautiful pictures executed on silk. And, of course, Galina’s special – a picture combining both the Sviatky symbol (the Sun) and this year’s images (Right and Left) – was put for the auction to be further awarded to Julia Kozachenko who won the title of the Richest Person thus making the first contribution into the next Sviatky, which also became the biggest contribution so far.
Our village lives full life both day and night. Sport activities comes along with movie sessions, those who love dancing can dance while gamblers can go  to the casino, and the creative ones create something at the Skit party. And now a bit more about all this. The traditional football match was won by the Psychodynamic Elks. The men were playing and the girls were cheering, so everything was as usual, which was not the case with the water polo match. The lack of women in the water was made men cover that, and after two years the Psychodelic Seals once again were the winners. Ole-ole!
For all sport-haters there was a cinema, where the owner – Evgenya Kuptsova made a perfect selection of various genres.
If you wanted more noise and fun – then there was the Casino. Three play-areas offered you games up to your choice and temperament. This was the second year since the Casino was started but you could not imagine Sviatky without it now. The Jury gave the Kusino-Casino (because Kusya is a nickname of Marina Kuznetsova, who was the initiator of the Casino) the statue of the Sviatky Scum-bag because they established a creative space for turning decent people into avid gamblers.
And the Skit party was full night! Besides, some participants prepared really interesting performances. A play, a show, a performance, a parody – for Sviatky people this is a chance to show an unexpected side of oneself, demonstrate some talent and witticism, laughing at oneself and the Festival. Warm welcome guaranteed. And talking about the Skit party we can think of the Enns family (Valeria, Alexander, Marina) – the first family in three generations at the Festival. Their flamboyance led them to the prize as the Best Clients.
Another way to express your creativity was to make a costume for the Carnival, and here we had lots of stuff to surprise us. Each year I think the Carnival would be boring because all the images have already been taken in so many years but this was the eight Carnival, and yet so many new ideas – a Nun, an executor, a couple of striped inmates (father and son), two famous blondes from movies, the famous Anka the Machine Gunner, the Simpson mother, Pierrot, a little elk… words are not enough, just have a look at the pics many of which you will find in the social networks.
An unusual solution was taken today when choosing the He One and the She One. Two beautiful ladies with the most badges (from the voting) competed for the title – Marina Lagoshina and Evgenia Kuptsova. It was hard to choose because of the equal number of the badges they had but since none of the men got more than two badges the two ladies were chosen. However, once again I can say I do not accept this decision – we can not do without the Bets Guy in the village! The best parents are not to be chosen at Sviatky as those participants who come with children here sometimes forget about them (children). And children here are always busy and do not care much about the parents. This year the special child programme Sviatky Holidays got 9 children aged 5-14. The perfectly done job by the two major leaders – lartisa reiner and Julia Kozachenko (Stavropol, Russia) was well complemented by interesting additions from the invited leaders. Games, trips, workshops, free interaction with foreigners, sport events, performances at the Skit party – just perfect holidays for anyone! And if Larisa Reiner is a mature player here (she had already organised 4 similar programmes) then Julia just had her debut, which, actually, proved quite successful. The Sviatky children loved her emotional and vivid leadership and they voted for awarding her the prize of the Child Mark.
Even though I would love to embrace all the parts of the Sviatky life this would not be possible, alas! I just want to thank all those who came and who contributed, both professionally and as organisers. There are still many names left behind but they are all mentioned in the statistics following below. In order to get a full picture you are welcome to the Sviatky website. By the way, now you can see there personal pages of the participants of the 19th festival. Besides, you can read comments in the COMMENTS AND IMPRESSIONS FROM SVIATKY-2013. Have a look, someone might have written about you, and mentioned something important that I have left out.
And finally I would like to quite Alexey Koryoukin who at the post-Sviatky meeting developed one important idea:
«…for old-timers here it is important to realize that they have to do something with developing the profession (organisationally and methodologically) and that the Festival is a place for such creations. Expectations concerning new discoveries for professionals are futile, you can see something new only once it has been created. This Festival was rich in this, this is what you should set your hopes upon».

Natalia Popova
Member of Directorate and Manager of the 19th Festival was happy to share her impressions on behalf of the Directors



19th International Festival of Psychotherapy and Practical Psychology
Time: January 8-13, 2013

Venue: Hotel ZNANIE, Sochi, Adler

Theme: The Right and The Left


Participants:     Total – 67
Main programme – 56
Accompanying – 2
Child programme – 9

Geographical coverage: the participants represented 21 towns & cities from 4 countrie (Belarus, Norway, Great Britain, Russia)

Belarus (1)
1) Sergey Popov

Great Britain (1)
1)    Brian Martindale

Norway (3)
1)    Christin Bjelland
2)    Elin Skogen
3)    Eigil Harstad

Russia (51)

  1. BalashovAlexander Enns
  2. Yekaterinburg Ilona Romanova
  3. Essentuky Irina Matsukova
  4. Ivanteevka Violetta Orekhova

1)    Zhanna Kuts
2)    Olga Plotnikova
3)    Dmitry Yurchenko

1)    Alexey Koryoukin

1)    Galina Belozerova
2)    Natalia Vladimirova
3)    Lada Malysheva
4)    Marina Enns

  1. Novopavlovsk
    Marina Gulko

1)    Margarita Markina

1)    Galina Barakova
2)    Anna Barnash
3)    Nina Ivanova

1)    Elena Gladkovskaya
2)    Evdokya Dorofeeva
3)    Vladimir Romek

St. Petersburg
1)    Sergey Babin
2)    Elena Petrova
3)    Nadezhda Torokova

1)    Vladislav Babayants
2)    Svetlana Bashkatova
3)    Alexandra Bychkovskaya
4)    Anna Vetlitskaya
5)    Darya Zviagintseva
6)    Sergey Ivanov
7)    Elena Kalinina
8)    Tatiana Kireeva
9)    Julia Kozachenko
10)    Marina Kuznetsova
11)    Evgenia Kuptsova
12)    Marina Lagoshina
13)    Lyudmila Malakhova
14)    Larisa Mitlashevskaya
15)    Galina Moskotinina
16)    Marina Nachkebya
17)    Anzhelika Orekhova
18)    Sergey Peshkov
19)    Natalia Popova
20)    Larisa Reiner
21)    Alexey Tochka
22)    Lyudmila Tupitsa
23)    Irina Turgulina
24)    Marina Chmykhova
25)    NataliaShweinfort
26)    Alexander Shilkin
27)    Yury Shustov
1) Valentina Okonova
Events within the professional programme


Key-note discussion THE RIGHT OR THE LEFT
Experts: Christin Bjelland (Stavanger, Norway)
Anna Vetlitskaya (Stavropol)
Sergey Popov (Minsk, Belarus)
Alexey Tochka (Stavropol)
Discussants: Sergey Ivanov (Stavropol)
Alexey Koryoukin (Mikhailovsk)
Key-note discussion: BOTH THE RIGHT AND THE LEFT
Experts: Sergey Babin (St. Petersburg)
Brian Martindale (Newcastle, Great Britain)
Sergey Peshkov (Stavropol)
Ilona Romanova (Yekaterinburg)
Discussants: Sergey Ivanov (Stavropol)
Alexey Koryoukin (Mikhailovsk)
Clinical case presentation
Integrative supervision. A child autism case
Presenters: Marina Lagoshina (Stavropol)
Lyudmila Tupitsa (Stavropol)
Experts: Sergey Babin (St. Petersburg)
Svetlana Bashkatova (Stavropol)
Lada malysheva (Nevinnomyssk)
Elene Petrova (St. Petersburg)
Discussants: Sergey Ivanov (Stavropol)  
Alexey Koryoukin (Mikhailovsk)
•    Warming-up. Leader: Alexey Koryoukin (Mikhailovsk)
•    2 community meetings. Leaders: Sergey Ivanov and Marina Chmykhova (Stavropol)
•    3 large groups. Leaders: Valentina Okonova (Elista), Nadezhda Torokova (St. Petersburg)
•    1 Academy meeting. Chair: Ilona Romanova (Yekaterinburg)
•    5 meetings for talks at 6 tell-tales. Leaders & co-leaders: Alexey Koryoukin, Evgenia Kuptsova, Marina Kuznetsova, Natalia Popova, Galina Moskotinina, Alexender Shilkin (Stavropol)
•    6 meetings of the professional CLUB

Girls’ Tales
Ilona Romanova (Yekaterinburg, Russia)

Potential establishment of ISPS in Russian - discussion
Leader: Alexey Koryoukin (Mikhailovsk)

Free choice club
Leader: Natalia Popova (Stavropol)

Potential and possible areas for cooperation among Russian-speaking psychoanalytical psychotherapists
Leader: Sergey Peshkov (Stavropol)
1.    Anti-Psychiatric Tell-Tales
Leader: Vladimir Romek (Rostov-on-Don)
Galina Moskotinina (Stavropol, Russia)

•    11 workshops

Possible Reforming of Russian Psychiatry under Current Conditions – Right and Left
Sergey Babin (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Geometry of relationships or Based on Drama Triangles
Nina Ivanova (Pyatigorsk, Russia)

Asymmetry of Female Roles
Svetlana Bashkatova (Stavropol, Russia)

Abduction of Soul
Olga Plotnikova (Inozemtsevo, Russia)
Anna Barnash (Pyatigorsk, Russia)

The Psychodynamics of Psychosis
Brian Martindale (Newcastle, Great Britain)

Bringing Back Joy of Life. Efficient Psychological Rehabilitation after Car Accidents and Physical Trauma
Elena Petrova (St. Petersburg)

Dombay Fairy-Tales: Art-Workshop
Evghenia Kuptsova (Stavropol, Russia)

You’re Left! And You’re Right! (G. Horn’s play in psychological practice)
Marina Kuznetsova (Stavropol, Russia)

Working with Staff Employed at Public Companies and NGOs in Stavanger, Norway
Elin Skogen, Eigil Harstad (Stavanger, Norway)

Trade Fair: Psychoanalytical Attraction ON THE COUCH
Sergey Ivanov (Stavropol, Russia)

Dombay Fairy-Tales: Anything is Possible!
Alexander Shilkin (Stavropol, Russia)

Academy of Christmas-Tide Meetings-19 (underlined are the members who personally attended the 19th Festival and decided on the professional nominations)

Masters Emeritus (permanent members)
1. Igor Bylim (Stavropol, Russia)
2. Nina Golosova (Moscow, Russia)
3. Alexey Koryoukin (Stavropol, Russia)
4. Ekaterina Loskutova (Stavropol, Russia)
5. Sergey Peshkov (Stavropol, Russia)
6. Vladimir Romek (Rostov-on-Don, Russia)
7. Andrey Sklizkov (St. Petersburg, Russia)
8. Maria Timofeeva (Moscow, Russia)
9. Svein Haugsgjerd (Oslo, Norway)
10. Daniil Khlomov (Moscow, Russia)
11. Vladimir Tsapov (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Masters (permanent members)
1. Alisa Achina (Rostov-on-Don, Russia)
2. Oksana Barsukova (Stavropol, Russia)
3. Svetlana Chernova (Gladkova) (Stavropol, Russia)
4. Graziano Di Giorgio (Brecia, Italy)
5. Andrey Grigorov (Moscow, Russia)
6. Valentine Dobrolyubova (Moscow, Russia)
7. Vyacheslav Dorodeiko (Vitebsk, Belarus)
8. Antia Zachs (Germany)
9. Natalia Zviagintseva (Stavropol, Russia)  
10. Elena Zubtsova (Moscow, Russia)
11. Sergey Ivanov (Stavropol, Russia)
12. Evgenia Kazantseva (Stavropol, Russia)
13. Marina Kovalenko (Stavropol, Russia)
14. Ksenya Korbut (Moscow, Russia)
15. Elena Koryoukina (Stavropol, Russia)
16. Alexander Kudriavitsky (Moscow, Russia)
17. Marina Lagoshina (Stavropol, Russia)
18. Elena Lopatina (Stavropol, Russia)
19. Brian Martindale (Newcastle, Great Britain)
20. Galina Moskotinina (Stavropol, Russia)
21. Ilona Romanova (Yekaterinburg, Russia) – Chair of the Academy
22. Denis Sevryugin (Stavropol, Russia)
23. Anna Sevryugina (Stavropol, Russia)
24. Dmitry Skripnikov (Moscow, Russia)
25. Evgenya Toporova (St. Petersburg, Russia)
26. Lyudmila Udodova (Stavropol, Russia)
27. Alexander Uskov (Moscow, Russia)
28. Elena Ulybina (Moscow, Russia)
29. Marina Scherbakova (Isaeva) (Stavropol, Russia)

Academicians-2013 (till December 1, 2013)
1. Sergey Babin (St. Petersburg, Russia)
2. Anna Barnash (Pyatigorsk, Russia)
3. Christin Bjelland (Stavanger, Norway)
4. Svetlana Bashkatova (Stavropol, Russia)
5. Anna Vetlitskaya (Stavropol, Russia)
6. Nina Ivanova (Pyatigorsk, Russia)
7. Elena Kalinina (Stavropol, Russia)
8. Marina Kuznetsova (Stavropol, Russia)
9. Elena Petrova (St. Petersburg, Russia)
10. Evgenya Kuptsova (Stavropol, Russia)
11. Lada Malysheva (Nevinnomyssk, Russia)
12. Larisa Mitlashevskaya (Stavropol, Russia)
13. Valentina Okonova (Elista, Russia)
14. Anzhelika Orekhova  (Stavropol, Russia)
15. Olga Plotnikova (Inozemtsevo, Russia)
16. Sergey Popov (Minsk, Belarus)
17. Natalia P. Popova (Stavropol, Russia)
18. Larisa Reiner (Stavropol, Russia)
19. Elin Skogen (Stavanger, Norway)
20. Nadezhda Torokova (St. Petersburg, Russia)
21. Alexey Tochka (Stavropol, Russia)
22. Lyudmila Tupitsa (Stavropol, Russia)
23. Eigil Harstad (Stavanger, Norway)
24. Marina Chmykhova (Stavropol, Russia)
25. Alexander Shilkin (Stavropol, Russia)

At close of the 19th Festival the number of Academicians – 65, of them participated in the 18th Festival – 33.

(in bold are the names of the professional nominations)
•    Gerd-Ragna Bloch-Thorsen Prize - Virtuoso of Practice
Sergey Ivanov (Stavropol, Russia)

•    Genius of Enlightenment
Brian Martindale (Newcastly, Great Britain)
•    Master of Feelings
Vladimir Romek (Rostov-on-Don, Russia)
•    Soul of SViatky – Alexey Koryoukin (Stavropol, Russia)
•    Discovery of Sviatky – Valentina Okonova (Elista, Russia) and Nadezhda Torokova (St. Petersburg, Russia)
•    Best Client – Alexander Enns, Valeria Enns (Balashov, Russia), Marina Enns (Nevinnomyssk, Russia)
•    Richest Person – Julia Kozachenko (Stavropol, Russia)
•    Healthiest Person – Sergey Babin (St. Petersburg, Russia)
•    Scumbag – the Sviatky Kusino employees (Marina Kuznetsova, Anton Gritsay, Julia Kozachenko, Irina Turgulina)
•    Selected Ones – Evgenia Kuptsova and Marina Lagoshina (Stavropol, Russia)
Special prizes
•    Board of Founders’ Prize – Evgenia Kuptsova (Stavropol, Russia)
•    Jury Mark – Christin Bjelland (Stavanger, Norway)
•    Directors’ Mark – Alexander Shilkin (Stavropol, Russia)
•    Children’s Mark – Julia Kozachenko (Stavropol, Russia)
Unofficial nominations
•     Sviatky Lamer – Galina Belozerova (Nevinnomyssk, Russia)
•    Sugar-Pot – Marina Chmykhova (Stavropol, Russia)
Svetlana Bashkatova (Stavropol, Russia)
Sergey Ivanov (Stavropol, Russia)
Margarita Markina (Obninsk, Russia)
Ilona Romanova (Yekaterinburg, Russia) – Jury Chair
Dmitry Yurchenko (Inozemtsevo, Russia)
Two women, from the newcomers, led the Large Group.
The first meeting of the Professional Club was held.
Professional was established for the first time at the Festival (ISPS Russia)
Evening Programme
The evening programme was prepared by Anna Vetlitskaya, Anton Gritsay, Sergey Ivanov, Julia Kozachenko, Alexey Koryoukin, Evgenia Kuptsova, Marina Kuznetsova (Manager), Natalia P. Popova, Larisa Reiner, Vladimir Romek, Irina Turgulina, Dmitry Yurchenko as well as all the participants who performed at the Skit party and who made costumes for the Carnival.

The following events were held as part of the evening programme:
Welcome Cocktail; football match (winner: Psychodynamic Elks, Best Player: Brian Martindale); water polo match (winner: Psychodelic Seals, Best Player: Elena Gladkovskaya); Skit party; two movie sessions (fiction movie: Broken Life and Evening of Short Movies); disco dance My Big Balkan Wedding; Casino; farewell party-carnival (best costumes: The Rightest Costume – The Nun; The Leftest Costume: The Executor; The Wholest Costume: The Big and The Small Convicts).
Child Sviatky: Young Politicians’ Life
Participants – 9 persons
Organisers and major leaders: Larisa Reiner (Stavropol, Russia) and Julia Kozachenko (Stavropol, Russia)
Invited leaders
Lyudmila Malakhova
Marina Kuznetsova
Alexey Koryoukin
Natalia P. Popova
Lyudmila Tupitsa


NGO Stavropol Regional Psychoanalytical Association (SRPA)
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Informational Agency ProPsy
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Organisational Partner
Travel Agency TUROBZOR
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Board of Founders
Alexey Koryoukin
Elena Koryoukina
Sergey Peshkov
Elena Ulybina
Marina Chmykhova


Sergey Ivanov – SRPA representative
Alexey Koryoukin – Director
Natalia Popova – ProPsy representative
Ilona Romanova – Academy representative
Marina Chmykhova – Board of Founders’ representative

Organisational support
Vladislav Babayants - translator
Elena Voronova – designer
Darya Zviagintseva – managing secretary
Ivan Korolevsky – Internet-resource administrator
Marina Kuznetsova – evening programme administrator
Evgenia Kuptsova – presentation administrator
Galina Moskotinina – artist
Natalia Popova – organisational manager
Larisa Reiner – coordinator and Child Programme Leader
Diana Sarukhanyan – local organiser
Julia Kozachenko – coordinator and Child Programme Leader
Alexander Shilkin – administrator- capitaine d'armes
Dmitry Yurchenko – translator

Regional representatives
Vancouver, Canada
Julia Stadnitskaya
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Vitebsk Dorodeiko
Vyacheslav Dorodeiko
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Yury Kan
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Ilona Romanova
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Violetta Orekhova
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Elena Didenko
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Kiev, Ukraine
Olga Kornienko
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Nina Gatsenko
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Kishinev, Moldova
Zinaida Grushko
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Lubek, Germany
Tatiana Akimenko
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Mineralnye Vody
Julia Tusheva
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Andrey Grigorov
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Tatiana Alekseenko
Marina Enns

Oslo, Norway
Kjell-Petter Bogwald
+ 4747676070
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Svetlana Borisova
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Nina Ivanova

Evdokya Dorofeeva
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St. Petersburg
Anna Gubanova
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San Francisco, USA
Ivan Korolevsky
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Elena Romanishko
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Stavanger, Norway
Olaf Rorosgaard
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Marina Kuznetsova
Group Administrator
Christmas-Tide Meetings
Ilona Romanova
Group Administrator

Alexey Koryoukin
Group Administrator

Alexey Koryoukin

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