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Добро пожаловать на фестиваль «Святочные встречи»!

Международный фестиваль психотерапии и практической психологии «Святочные встречи» проходит ежегодно 8-12 января на юге России.

Содержание Фестиваля составляют различные формы профессионального взаимодействия (творческие мастерские, дискуссионные группы, семинары, супервизии, большие группы, собрания сообщества и др.) между специалистами в области обслуживания психического здоровья населения, а также различные формы презентации профессиональной деятельности.

Мы предлагаем вам привезти на фестиваль «Святочные встречи» свой уникальный профессиональный опыт, свои размышления, своих новых коллег и знакомых. От всех нас будет зависеть, станет ли программа очередных «Святок» насыщенной и интересной.

Report Sviatky 2010


Christmas-Tide Meetings – 2010: Possibilities and Limitations

This report is only the author’s perception

Any coincidence with your reality is accidental


There are not many living beings left in the Universe who would not know the dates of January 8-13. Sviatky is not just the days of fun following the Russian Orthodox Christmas. For sensible creatures who take interest in other sensible creatures these words mean «International Festival of Psychotherapy and Practical Psychology Christmas-Tide Meetings».

Sviatky has turned 16. The theme matched the age: Possibilities and Limitations. The combinations of traditions, conventional limits, former relations and unexpected metamorphoses, unbelievable discoveries, new meetings – all this was Sviatky 2010.

The Sviatky day, as usual, had 24 hours only and, despite the numerous requests from the participants the organizers left this limit with no change. The organizers remained the same as well – Stavropol Regional Psychoanalytical Association and Informational Agency ProPsy. Traditionally, for a third year Sviatky was held in Sochi, at the Black seaside.

The traditional leaders conducted the traditional events: the conductor of the Large Group – Andrey Grigorov, the facilitator of the Community Meetings – Ekaterina Loskutova. The tale-telling when we had a closer look at that, proved the well-known old procedure groups. Those were the “stability islands” in the sea of impressions where everyone could share and discuss anything.

It is hard to believe that you would not have found all this at Sviatky some years ago. And participants (mostly new ones), coming with their ideas and suggestions, pushed the organizers towards creating the “psychological security system”, which seems to work well. One of the participants said, for instance that her positive impressions were related first of all to her feeling of security and safety.

A traditional way to meet everyone was the warming-up, held on Day 1. The ways to get warmed-up change year after year, and it was some Caucasian way: the representatives of each of the cities raised their toasts. This year the foreign delegation was the most numerous one – nine specialists from Norway, and they had to divide into three groups, while some Russian cities were represented by fewer people. However, this was explained by deep-rooted Sviatky traditions: ten years ago the first Norwegian set his foot on the soil of Sviatky. This was the man who represented Oslo at the warming-up – Svein Haugsgjerd. The representative of Stavanger broke a sensational piece of news: Vikings, actually, originated from Caucasus. Later on the Viking-team repeatedly proved that by visiting various restaurants nearby and tasting the cuisine of the Caucasus.

In order to save time the organizers combined the welcome-cocktail with the official opening. The participants could meet the Jury and the Directors, see the prizes and they also found out how they could win the prizes. This year’s Sviatky proved not just to be held as it is, yet it was dedicated to the dates: 100th Anniversary of the International Psychoanalytical Association and the 125th Anniversary of Rorschach. The welcome speeches were interrupted by the announcement of something threatening Sviatky: the evil forces wanted to destroy all the life on the Earth and steal the Sviatky energy. Then there were the superheroes coming to the rescue – Charlie’s Angels, all beautiful and smart, and nobody expected anything short of that. They immediately locked their nice arms and arranged an oath for the beginners (in two languages). The key words in the oath included «Not to feel pain for the money and time spent in vain».. The evening was never spent in vain as the people could meet one another in an informal dancing-partying setting.

Next morning the evil forces came out again – it was hard to get up. Those who managed were not sorry: at the morning circle (presentation of the events for the day) they had a fascinating choice. Alisa Achina and Tatiana Ziskilevich arranged a Rorschach-parallel going on as long as Sviatky was going on. These magicians of the mysterious spots could charm up to 32 people at once. All he participants could go through the Rorschach test and learn a lot of new about themselves. Even our Norwegian colleagues did not miss the chance, making nervous both the leaders of the group and the translators, as well being nervous themselves.

Traditionally there were many psychoanalytically-oriented events, too many, some participants said. However, it is not like we have 100th Anniversary of the IPA every year, and this may explain why all the three professional nominations were won by psychoanalysts (see attachment).

The ten years of the Norwegian presence at the Festival were felt very well. Along with their Norwegian colleagues, people from Stavropol shared how they used the Norwegian experience in mental health.

On Day 2 there was another discovery. The Sviatky football was held, as you might expect it, under the Southern sky. The contest matched the repeated champion the SRPA team “Psychodynamic Elks” and the team of the rest of the world “Psycho-World”. It was the first time when the Norwegian SRPA member – Olaf Rørosgaard – played for the Elks. The new man must have been a bit nervous and fell out of the game. The Elks lost, and then played a soothing-tender match with the female team “Snowflakes”, which, of course, was a draw.

As the administration of the Hotel Burgas was very loyal the Sviatky people could conduct the night parallels in the bar. This allowed the participants to keep their rooms private (Even Vladimir Romek’s room). After the football match the first try was the party “Lonely Hearts”, where they listened to the Beatles songs, danced, were happy and get into melancholy up unti the last participant was still able to move.

The evil forces would not give up, however. The film selected by the leader of the movie-parallel would not get started, plan B had to be executed. And this, as it is usual with Katia, proved an unforgettable event for those not fond of sports.

On Day 3 the key-note speech delivered by Svein Haugsgjerd “man: Possibilities and Limitations” was the highlight, as many of the participants said it. The lecture was a fascinating combination of a deep thought, professional precision and great sincerity about everything related to the speaker’s personal experiences. The time given to the lecture was not enough, of course, so the discussion went through beyond that, and was continued at the tale-telling time and, as a result of that, Svein became winner of the nomination Genius of Enlightenment.

The evil forces were definitely too weak to cope with the sparkling Sviatky energy. That night the energy poured into the swimming pool where two water-polo female teams were fighting die-hard – the SRPA team “Psychedelic Seals” and the team of the world “Sharks Unlimited”. This time there was a foreign player among the Sharks – Zinaida Vlasova (Moldova). The Seals were more fortunate than the Elks who never even had a chance to play against the Sharks. By the time the key-note discussion “Possibilities and Limitations of the Psychoanalytical Method” was held, which was dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of the IPA, Sviatky had already become even more international because there had come V. Zavgorodnyaya (Kiev, Ukraine) and V. Dorodeiko – the first psychoanalyst from Byelorussia. The life of psychoanalysis in the world and at the post-Soviet area, education, clinical practice – there were more questions than answers, which is typical of psychoanalysts, but those were the right questions.

The free time came just at the right time. Many could finally get some sleep, while the really restless ones went to see the Olympic construction sites. Besides, the work for the Skit-party was full-speed underway.

The Skit-party was not just interesting, yet also diverse. The hard-to-understand interpretation of Shakespeare, and the shortest play in the world were not as bright as the unbelievable characters – the Spider, the Tail-girl and their master Roma Vovek who conducted a scientific conversation with the famous TV-host – all this nearly made the audience cry. There was a TV-bridge bringing together Sochi and Kishinev, its funniest part, to be exact. The children who received training in the Magic School Burgasdorf performed their mysterious and sometimes appalling tricks, while the beautiful ladies sang their tender songs. Well, that night the expression “primary scene” had another, not a psychoanalytical meaning.

After the Skit-party there were two surprises – the two events in the night parallel. One of these was announced beforehand – the night Rorschach-mystery (even those who never attended the Rorschach-parallel came). The other event originated just by itself – the Norwegians coming after another  tasty meal with shashlyk and wine decided to compete their singing with the Slavonic party. Our party won (at least we sang louder) after which there was an all-together singing and dancing (in a ring) with “The Yellow Submarine”. And the bar-tender had to stay till the last client was there.

Last Day. The evil forces take a desperate try to win, but there were people attending even the last k ay-note discussion! The theme “Possibilities and Limitations in Systems and Institutions” seems to be a sleep-pill, but don’t trust what you see here. I personally had never spoken so much at any key-note discussion before. Perhaps that could be explained by the fact we discussed how to live further, each of us in their institutions.

Sviatky has become a system and in institution, which was obvious at the Sviatky Academy meeting. This virtual institution is gradually becoming more and more real. Even though the Chairperson of the Academy – Andrey Grigorov – was shy trying to diminish the achievements made by the Academy, he could not hide it – a perfect programme, the right decision in selecting the winners and, the most important – the prospect. There originated and is already being implemented the idea to publish a Sviatky volume, and that seems just to be a beginning.

And last, yet not least … Apotheosis – the farewell carnival. Sviatky had never seen that diversity of rich costumes before. At least three representatives of the cat family were present, let alone others. Of course, better to see once, but even the names would surprise you – Statue of Liberty, Jeday, Napoleon, the two-body combination called “Next Day Morning”, Madam and her Girls, Lady from Egypt, and Cleopatra (do not mistake one for the other), the stargazer, Angela Davis …

The Director of the Festival could already do without his carnival costume – he put on the boiler hat, became a Mister-Twister, and took the charge of the auction. Put on the triangle hat – we understood he would close the Festival. Yet, the Festival is not closed; not only was it going on all the last night, but it is still going on. The Sviatky people interact at the Forum, the organizers organize, the Academicians – they academize! Life goes on!


Sergey Ivanov





16th International festival of Psychotherapy and Practical Psychology

Christmas-Tide Meetings


Time: January 8-13, 2010

Venue: Sochi, Russia. Village of Kudepsta, Hotel Burgas

Theme: Possibilities an Limitations

Participants: Total: 92

Main programme: 82

Accompanying persons: 4

Child programme: 6

Areas represented: the participants of the main programme came from 23 areas, 5 countries (Byelorussia, Moldova, Norway, Russia, Ukraine)




1)      Vyavcheslav Dorodeiko



1)      Zinaida Vlasova




1)      Svein Haugsgjerd

2)      Susanne Engel



1)      Tove Bjelland

2)      Anna-Lise Øxnevad

3)      Olaf Rørosgaard

4)      Elin Skogen

5)      Eigil Harstad



1)      Anna Vogen Nihus

2)      Kjell Nihus



1)      Julia Mikhalkovich

2)      Tatiana Romanova


1)      Tatiana Ziskilevich

2)      Ilona Romanova


1)      Tatiana Primakova



1)      Elena Krivobokova



1)      Alla Babich

2)      Alla Dalit



1)      Albina Petenko



1)      Yanina Grischenko

2)      Valeria Kosichenko

3)      Alexander Tsapenko

4)      Elena Shulga


1)      Lyudmila Volkova

2)      Alexey Koryoukin

3)      Elena Koryoukina

4)      Olga Kuznetsova



1)      Maria Aidetdinova

2)      Vlada Golenyaeva

3)      Andrey Grigorov

4)      Elena Egorkina

5)      Igor Kozhukhov

6)      Valeria Lukianova

7)      Elena Skakunova

8)      Alexander Uskov

9)      Irina Chobanu

10)  Olga Shevchenko

11)  Irina Shibaeva


1)      Elena Zakharova



1)      Margarita Markina


1)      Nina Ivanova

2)      Maria Filatova

3)      Marina Fomenko



1)      Alisa Achina

2)      Ekaterina Bondar

3)      Nadezhda Gulenko

4)      Evdokia Dorofeeva

5)      Svetlana Ezdakova

6)      Alexander Kulakov

7)      Irina Levy

8)      Vladimir Romek

9)      Dinara Sayadova

10)  Izabella Khlebnikova


St. Petersburg

1)      Anna Gubanova

2)      Natalia Nefedieva



1)      Karine Alexandrova

2)      Vladislav Babayants

3)      Marina Babayants

4)      Svetlana Barannikova

5)      Vitalia Berezueva

6)      Anna Vetlitskaya

7)      Anna Drobuzheva

8)      Natalia Zviagintseva

9)      Sergey Ivanov

10)  Elena Kalmykova

11)  Ivan Korolevsky

12)  Evgenia Kuptsova

13)  Marina Lagoshina

14)  Ekaterina Loskutova

15)  Galina Moskotinina

16)  Sergey Peshkov

17)  Natalia Popova

18)  Alexandra Pronyakina

19)  Larisa Reiner

20)  Alexander Savosin

21)  Natalia Tolpaeva

22)  Lyudmila Tupitsa

23)  Marina Chmykhova


1)      Elena Oskina



1)      Alexander Grinin




1)      Violetta Zavgorodnyaya


Events (pat of professional programme)

  • 1 key-note discussion by Svein Haugsgjerd (Oslo, Norway) «Man: Possibilities and Limitations». Leader: Sergey Ivanov (Stavropol)
  • 2 key-note discussions

«Possibilities and Limitations of Psychoanalytical Method» (devoted to 100th Anniversary of the IpA).

Main participants: Vyacheslav Dorodeiko (Vitebsk, Byelorussia), Alexander Uskov (Moscow, Russia), Svein Haugsgjerd (Oslo, Norway). LeaderL Alexey Koryoukin (Mikhailovsk, Russia)

«Possibilities and Limitations of Systems and Institutions».

Main participants: Eigil Harstad (Stavanger, Norway), Anna-Lise Øxnevad (Stavanger, Norway), Vladimir Romek (Rostov-on-Don, Russia), Elena Koryoukina (Mikhailovsk, Russia). Leader: Sergey Peshkov (Stavropol, Russia)

  • 3 large group; leader – Andrey Grigorov (Moscow, Russia)
  • 2 Community meetings. Leader – Ekaterina Loskutova (Stavropol, Russia)
  • 1 Academy meeting. Chairperson: Andrey Grigorov (Moscow, Russia), Secretary: Natalia Zviagintseva (Stavropol, Russia).
  • 5 meetings for talks and 8 tale-telling meetings. Leadres: Vitalia Berezueva, Anna Vetlitskaya, Natalia Zviagintseva, Sergey Ivanov, Evgenia Kuptsova, Marina Lagoshina, Ekaterina Loskutova, Marina Chmykhova (Stavropol, Russia)
  • 31 workshops

«Love at War: Possibilities and Limitations in the Psychoanalyst’s Office»

Alexander Uskov (Moscow, Russia)

Lecture on Stigma/Anti-Stigma (on the example of PsykOpp Forum Project),

Elin Skogen (Stavanger, Norway)

«Dialogue between Society and Mental Health Services in Russia: Possibilities and limitations»

Vladislav Babayants (Stavropol, Russia), Eigil Harstad (Stavanger, Norway), Alexey Koryoukin (Mikhailovsk, Russia)

«Jealousy, Lie Theft: Psychology and Psychopatology»

Vladimir Romek (Rostov-on-Don, Russia)

Opening of Jubilee Rorschach-Parallel. Presentation of the Programme

Alisa Achina (Rostov-on-Don, Russia), Tatiana Ziskelevich (Yekaterinburg, Russia)


«Dreams and personal growth. The function of dreams in psychoanalytic therapy, related to diverse personality structures»

Olaf Rorosgaard (Stavanger, Norway)

«Just Maria or What’s Happened to Monica in Russia»

Tove Bjelland (Stavanger, Norway), Elena Koryoukina (Mikhailovsk, Russia)

«They Called Her «Little Angel»

Olga Kuznetsova (Mikhailovsk, Russia)

«Rorschach test as a psychoanalytical intervention and possible working through drug-dependent behavior in a 19-year-old girl»,

Tatiana Ziskelevich (Yekaterinburg, Russia)


«Separation in Life and in Psychotherapy»

Irina Shibaeva (Moscow, Russia)

Group Supervision

Olaf Rorosgaard (Stavanger, Norway)

«Sex, Lies, and Fidelity. Sexual Relationships in Marriage as a Perversion»

Sergey Ivanov, Natalia Popova (Stavropol, Russia)

«Lateral Aspects of Psychoanalytical Identity or Psychoanalytically Oriented Secretary»

Anna Gubanova (St. Petersburg, Russia), Ekaterina Loskutova (Stavropol, Russia)

About the 9th Rorschach Congress: «Rorschach in Russia: limited possibilities or possible limitations?»,

Alisa Achina (Rostov-on-Don, Russia), Tatyana Ziskelevich (Yekaterinburg, Russia)

«Possibilities and Limitations of Rorschach test for Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology»

Tatyana Ziskelevich (Yekaterinburg, Russia)

«Psychoanalytical Understanding of Group Process and Professional Possibilities of School Psychologist»

Larisa Reiner (Stavropol, Russia)


«Erotic Etudes»

Galina Moskotinina (Stavropol, Russia)

«Feedback on Rorschach test as a psychotherapeutic intervention: possibilities and limitations of Rorschach in a  psychotherapeutic  process»,

Alisa Achina (Rostov-on-Don, Russia)

Group Supervision

Alexander Uskov (Moscow, Russia)

«Possibilities and limitations in the Relationship with  Patients Relatives»

Anne Lise Oxnevad (Stavanger, Norway)

«Filling or Wrapping. Role of Psychology in Marketing Research»

Tatiana Ziskilevich (Yekaterinburg, Russia)

«Script Starts With …»

Nina Ivanova-Trubitsina (Pyatigorsk, Russia)


Discussion-group: «Rorschach test in psychoanalytical practice –pros & cons»,

Alisa Achina (Rostov-on-Don, Russia)

«Possible use of Rorschach test to study clients’ communication»,

Valeria Lukianova (Moscow, Russia)


«My Star Will Get no Warmth, The Same With Us, The Mortal Ones. Love Lyrics by Boris Grebenchikov»

Vyacheslav Dobrodeiko (Vitebsk, Byelorussia)

«Money, Sexuality, Aggression – Possibilities and Limitations»

Ilona Romanova (Yekaterinburg, Russia)

«Possibilities of Psychotherapeutic Kinesiology»

Irina Chobanu (Moscow, Russia)

«Throw Mummy from the Train - Inner Parent Transformation Techniques»

Alla Babich (Stavropol, Russia), Alla Dalit (Pyatigorsk, Russia)


Supervision group «Hard cases: our own possibilities and limitations? – Work with transference and counter-transference in Rorschach test»,

Alisa Achina (Rostov-on-Don, Russia)

Official close of Rorschach-parallel

Alisa Achina (Rostov-on-Don, Russia)

«The factor of Father in Sacred Dialogue»

Izabella Khlebnikova (Rostov-on-Don, Russia)



Academy of Christmas-Tide Meetings

(in italic are the names of the Academicians who participated personally, and who selected winners in professional  nominations)

Honorable Masters (permanent members of the Academy)

1. Igor Bylim (Stavropol, Russia)
2. Nina Golosova (Moscow, Russia)
3. Alexey Koryoukin (Stavropol, Russia)
4.Ekaterina Loskutova (Stavropol, Russia)
5.Sergey Peshkov (Stavropol, Russia)
6. Vladimir Romek (Rostov-on-Don)
7. Andrey Sklizkov (St. Petersburg, Russia)
8. Maria TImofeeva (Moscow, Russia)
9. Svein Haugsgjerd (Oslo, Norway)
10. Daniil Khlomov (Moscow, Russia)
11. Vladimir Tsapov (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Masters (permanent members of the Academy)

1. Alisa Achina (Rostov-on-Don)
2. Oksana Barsukova (Stavropol, Russia)
3. Svetlana Chernova (Gladkova) (Stavropol, Russia)
4. Di Giorgio Graziano (Brecia, Italy)
5. Andrey Grigorov (Moscow, Russia)
6. Valentina Dobrolyubova (Moscow, Russia)
7. Vyacheslav Dorodeiko (Vitebsk, Byelorussia)
8. Antia Zaks (Germany)
9.Natalia Zviagintseva (Stavropol, Russia)
10. Elena Zubtsova (Moscow, Russia)
11. Sergey Ivanov (Stavropol, Russia)
12. Evgenia Kazantseva (Stavropol, Russia)
13. Marina Kovalenko (Stavropol, Russia)
14. Ksenya Korbut (Moscow, Russia)
15. Elena Koryoukina (Stavropol, Russia)
16. Alexander Kudryavitsky (Moscow, Russia)
17. Marina Lagoshina (Stavropol, Russia)
18. Elena Lopatina (Stavropol, Russia)
19.Galina Moskotinina (Stavropol, Russia)
20.Ilona Romanova (Yekaterinburg, Russia)

21. Denis Sevryugin (Stavropol, Russia)
22. Anna Sevryugina (Stavropol, Russia)
23. Evgenya Toporova (St. Petersburg, Russia)
24. Lyudmila Udodova (Stavropol, Russia)
25.Alexander Uskov (Moscow, Russia)
26. Elena Ulybina (Moscow, Russia)
27. Marina SCherbakova (Isaeva) (Stavropol, Russia)

Academicians-2010 (until December 1, 2010)

1. Vladislav Babayants (Stavropol, Russia)
Алла Ивановна Бабич (Stavropol, Russia)
3. Tove Bjelland (Stavanger, Norway)
4.Anna Gubanova (St. Petersburg, Russia)
5. Alla Dalit (Pyatigorsk, Russia)
6.Tatiana Ziskilevich (Yekaterinburg, Russia)
7. Nina Ivanova (Pyatigorsk, Russia)
8. Olga Kuznetsova (Mikhailovsk, Russia)
9. Valeria Lukianova (Moscow, Russia)
10. Anna-Lise Øxnevad (Stavanger, Norway)
11. Natalia Popova (Stavropol, Russia)
12 Larisa Reiner (Stavropol, Russia)
13. Olaf Rørosgaard (Stavanger, Norway)
14. Elin Skogen (Stavanger, Norway)
15. Eigil Harstad (Stavanger, Norway)
16.Irina Chobanu (Moscow, Russia)
17. Irina Shibaeva (Moscow, Russia

Number of Academicians at the close of the Festival – 55 persons. Participated in the 16th Festival 32 permanent and temporary members of the Academy


Winners (bold typeprofessional nomination winners)

  • Gerd-Ragna Bloch-Thorsen Prize Virtuoso of Practice of Christmas-Tide Meetings – Alexander Uskov (Moscow, Russia)
  • Genius of Education of Christmas-Tide Meetings – Svein Haugsgjerd (Oslo. Norway)
  • Master of feelings of Christmas-Tide Meetings – Vyacheslav Dorodeiko (Vitebsk, Byelorussia)
  • Soul of Sviatky – Alisa Achina (Rostov-on-Don, Russia)
  • Discopvery of Sviatky – Zinaida Vlasova (Kishinev, Moldova)
  • Client of Sviatky – Sergey Ivanov and Natalia Popova (Stavropol, Russia)
  • Richest Person - Alexander Uskov (Moscow, Russia) and Eigil Harstad (Stavanger, Norway) who bought the doll for Alexandra Pronyakina (Stavropol, Russia)
  • Healthiest Person – Eigil Harstad (Stavanger, Norway)
  • Sviatky Scumbag – Shashlyk and Wine (Sochi, Russia)
  • Selected One (Man) – Vyacheslav Dorodeiko (Vitebsk, Byelorussia)
  • Selected One (Lady) – Alisa Achina (Rostov-on-Don, Russia)


Unofficial nominations

  • Jury Mark – Alexandra Pronyakina (Stavropol, Russia)
  • Directors Mark – Alisa Achina (Rostov-on-Don, Russia) and Tatiana Ziskilevich (Yekaterinburg, Russia)
  • Child Mark – Lyudmila Tupitsa (Stavropol, Russia)
    • Sviatky Lamer – Alexandra Pronyakina (Stavropol, Russia)
    • Sviatky Lucky-Dog – Vitalia Berezueva (Stavropol, Russia)



Andrey Grigorov (Moscow) – Chairperson of Jury; President of Academy of Sviatky; psychiatrist; head employee at Serbsky Psychiatric Institute; Vice-President of “Society – Human Rights and Mental Health”; regional representative of ProPsdy in Moscow

Vladislav Babayatnts (Stavropol) – linguist, teacher of English & Intercultural Communication; member of ProPsy

Anna Vetlitskaya (Stavropol) – Secretary of Jury; medical psychologist at AIDS centre

Anna Gubanova (St. Petersburg) – member of SRPA, member of St. Petersburg Society for Psychoanalysis the Development of Psychoanalysis; regional representative of ProPsy in St. Petersburg

Galina Moskotinina (Stavropol) – psychologist, certified group-analyst, member of European Association of Psychotherapy, member of SRPA


Official opening combined with welcome-cocktail

Once again two community meetings held (beginning and end of Festival)

Festival Programme developed without Resume contest

Rorschach-parallel held for the first time

Time allowed for workshops announced at the Festival, not beforehand

New web-site design developed


Evening Programme

Organizers and leaders: Sergey Ivanov, Tatiana Ziskilevich, Eketerina Loskutova, Natalia Popova, Alisa Achina, Anna Gubanova, Roman Diakov

The  Evening Programme included the following events: welcome cocktail, football match, skit-party, water polo contest, two movie sessions, dance party «Lonely Hearts Club», Rorschach-mystery «Possible & Unlimited » - art-performance for adults, carnival


Child Sviatky «School of Magic Burgasdorf»

Participants – 6 persons

Leader: Larisa Reiner (Stavropol)

Invited leaders:

Nadezhda Gulenko

Elena Zakharova

Elena Kalmykova

Natalia Popova

Alexandra Pronyakina

Natalia Tolpaeva

Lyudmila Tupitsa

Yury Prilatov


Stavropol Regional Psychoanalytical Association

NGO Informational Agency ProPsy

Official partners

Psychiatric Educational Foundation PsykOpp

Institute for training and psychodrama, Rostov-on-Don, FEPTO Accrediting Organization


Organizing Committee

Travel Agency “TurObzor»



Alexey Koryoukin – Director

Ekaterina Loskutova – Leader of Programme Committee

Natalia Popova – Leader of Organizing Committee


Programme Committee

Ekaterina Loskutova (Stavropol)

Alisa Achina (Rostov-on-Don)

Ksenia Korbut (Moscow)

Alexey Koryoukin (Mikhailovsk)

Elena Koryoukina (Mikhailovsk)

Ilona  Romanova (Yekaterinburg)


Organizing Committee

Natalia Popova - Leader

Kareine Alexandrova - translator

Vladislav Babayants - translator

Elena Voronova – designer

Natalia Zviagintseva – photographer

Sergey Ivanov – organizer of evening programme

Denis Kobzev – artist, prize developer

Ivan Korolevsky – web-site design and maintenance

Evgenia Kuptsova – secretary

Marina Lagoshina – technical maintenance

Alexandra Pronyakina - translator

Larisa reiner – organizer & leader of child programme

Diana Sarukhanyan – local organizer

Natalia Tolpaeva – secretary



Regional representatives


Vancouver, Canada

Julia St6adnitskaya



Yury Kan



Tatiana Ziskilevich



Nina Gatsenko


Leipzig, Germany

Dmitry Yurchenko


Lubek, Germany

Tatiana Akimenko


Moscow, Russia

Andrey Grigorov

Alexander Kudryavitsky



Tatiana Alekseenko



Vitaly Gavrilenko



Elena Dzhola



Evgeny Antokhin


Oslo, Norway

Kjell-Peter Bøgwald



Nina Ivanova



Alisa Achina


St. Petersburg

Anna Gubanova


Director                                  А. М. Koryuokin

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