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Добро пожаловать на фестиваль "Святочные встречи"!

Международный фестиваль психотерапии и практической психологии "Святочные встречи" проходит ежегодно 8-12 января на юге России.

Содержание Фестиваля составляют различные формы профессионального взаимодействия (творческие мастерские, дискуссионные группы, семинары, супервизии, большие группы, собрания сообщества и др.) между специалистами в области обслуживания психического здоровья населения, а также различные формы презентации профессиональной деятельности.

Мы предлагаем вам привезти на фестиваль «Святочные встречи» свой уникальный профессиональный опыт, свои размышления, своих новых коллег и знакомых. От всех нас будет зависеть, станет ли программа очередных «Святок» насыщенной и интересной.



sviatky poster 2012The Programme of the 18th Festival is aiming at creating conditions for comprehensive professional and personal communication. Many talks at the Festival have been there for 18 years now, while other ones just came into being recently, and some are to begin later, which reflects the changing professional and personal reality Since the Festival began there has established a special communication style among participants. It could be defined as a serious talk in an informal setting, a meeting of professionals, no neckties, though. The types of interaction at the Festival have been designed to support such communication.


Everything starts with a warming-up where people meet each other, get to know the venue, and the event. The warming-up gradually turns into a welcome opening party, which is both the first evening event and official opening. Every evening participants interact as common people, sharing their interests, likes and dislikes, their viewpoints and ways of spending leisure time. In the evening programme they can play football and water polo, watch films and discuss them, have a dance, present their creative skills, and create a carnival image. Some time they can dive out of the Sviatky mess and go to see the local sights, while those who manage to find some spare time can go and dive in the real sea, which is just yards away. As some Sviatky people say, it is rather warm.


Your children will have something to do, too, as they have their own Child Programme.


As for the major professional events, they will be held in the daytime. Community meetings will define the key issues in the very beginning and then will make it possible to draw some conclusions at the end of the Festival. This social interaction will be experienced and realized together at the Large Group meetings, while the participants can share their personal impressions at daily tell-tale meetings. The general key-note events held in the middle of the day are to open the broad theme of the Festival from various angles. The key-note speech will be delivered by Alexander Uskov. After that we will have a joint clinical case-study discussing the case of a patient with psycho-somatic disorders, and on Day 3 we will invite experts representing various professional communities to reflect on the age of professional communities and the ways of professional ageing in those, which is going to be part of the general key-note discussion. All the key-note events imply a chance to discuss the ideas expressed. Actually, all the events of the Festival are interactive. It may be different at workshops only, yet depends on the one who conducts the workshop. At the Festival there will be always a choice about where to go. The workshops (W) are diverse, just like the leaders are. However, we conventionally divide them into three types. The first type of workshops offers us a chance to reflect together on some particular aspects of professional theory and practice (these workshops are often held as mini-seminars on some topic announced, group supervisions, round-table discussions, etc.). Another type implies sharing some experience, model of work, practical experience, which the attendees can use in their practical work (sharing experience could be a presentation or role-play). A third type of workshops involves gaining personal experience in a group under supervision of an experienced leader (play workshops is a nice way to get to know the profession, the leader’s style, and one’s own inner world).


Until December 1 the Programme will be completed and changed. Please, join this, add something to the Programme and follow the changes at the Sviatky web-site and Forum. However, already now we know some of those who are going to be leaders at the Festival:

Natalia Bonnaud (Stavropol, Russia), Svetlana Borisova (Perm, Russia), Elena Gluzskaya (Stupino, Russia), Marina Guseva (Stupino, Russia), Sergey Ivanov (Stavropol, Russia), Nina Ivanova (Pyatigorsk, Russia), Alexey Koryoukin (Mikhailovsk, Russia), Alexander Kudryavitsky (Moscow, Russia), Marina Kuznetsova (Stavropol, Russia), Marina Lagoshina (Stavropol, Russia), Galina Moskotinina (Stavropol, Russia), Nadezhda Ognenko (t. Petersburg, Russia), Sergey Peshkov (Stavropol, Russia), Larisa Reiner (Stavropol, Russia), Ilona Romanova (Yekaterinburg, Russia), Dmitry Skripnikov (Moscow, Russia), Oksana Tatarenko (Stavropol, Russia), Alexander Uskov (Moscow, Russia), Irina Shibaeva (Moscow, Russia).


All the leaders will be part of the Festival Academy, which will select the best ones from the traditionally professional nominations, and then, at their meeting, discuss the theme of the next 19th Festival.

At the farewell party the Sviatky Jury will announce the results of the Academy vote and give the names of all the prize winners.


Every event has its own place in the event chart.

At the Festival it is easier to find your way through the comprehensive Programme if you attend the morning circle and general meetings-presentations where you can make your final choice and learn about any changes in the Programme. One of such changes has already been planned – those who did not have time to apply for a workshop prior to December 1 can deliver their surprise-workshops (SW) parallel to the Academy meeting.


Event Chart

event chart

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